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The silent epidemic in our workplaces

In today's high-pressure society, stress and burnout stealthily erode happiness, fuel absenteeism, and lead to unnecessary high employee turnover.

As individuals seem unable to prevent burnout on their own, managers play a crucial role in their support. However, managers are often unable to identify symptoms early-on. Moreover, organizations often lack the insights and know-how to implement effective interventions and measures to make employees thrive optimally in the workplace.

The problem
fail to reflect and prevent burnout themselves
lack the insights and tools to implement effective interventions and measures.
are unable to spot and manage the symptoms of stress and burnout
employees suffer from burnout symptoms.
Burnout symptoms on average cost
€2700 /employee per year
Minimal costs of one burnout is

The way forward

Meet Your Trusted Partner: Binqy


At Binqy, we understand the complexities of maintaining a balanced, healthy workforce. We’ve developed a science-based solution that targets stress management and enhances overall well-being and performance.

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Binqy's Approach

Mastering stress and preventing burnout made accessible

Scientific well-being assessments

In-depth insights

Binqy provides concise yet in-depth well-being assessments, which measure all the necessary elements and factors to obtain relevant insights into your employee well-being. Each weekly assessment just takes a couple of seconds and contains a unique set of questions.

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In-depth insights

Get a complete understanding from the inside-out
using personalized and aggregated scores and data-points. These insights allow for data-driven and science-based measures that improve stress management and performance optimization for both employees, teams and managers.

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Personalized follow-up

Binqy offers personalized follow-up, consisting of
insights and feedback based on the scores that help individuals, teams, and managers take action if necessary. Moreover, give your employees access to professional support through check-ins with one of Binqy’s psychologists.

peronalized follow-up
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Reward your employees

Your employees' well-being is a gift to both organization and employees. By rewarding your employees for investing time and effort in their personal well-being and sharing their opinions, you optimize desired results. We track employee engagement and reward them with BinqyCoins.

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The Binqy impact

Preventive measures outweigh reactive ones.

Not only will your employees be healthier and perform better, but Binqy will also help you take cost-effective, preventive measures towards maintaining workplace wellbeing. Our solution enables you to reflect on the factors that influence employee well-being. This will minimize the costs associated with stress and burnout.

Investing in preventive measures with Binqy

Costs of only taking reactive measures

The Burnout Calculator

Employee burnout, a silent crisis impacting today's workplaces and people's lives. It negatively affects productivity and increases absenteeism, which can lead to high employee turnover. Burnout is complex, often leaving organizations feeling powerless. This calculator will help you understand the financial impact of burnout and stress on your organization.

Calculate the costs of burnout (symptoms) for your organization:

Burnout is costing you roughly:

/ per year
info * The results provided by this calculator are estimates based on the data you've inputted and are intended for informational purposes only. Actual costs associated with employee burnout may vary depending on a number of factors not accounted for in this calculation. Please use this tool as a general guide rather than as an absolute measure.

Do you want a more accurate calculation based on more metrics?
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Binqy's Target Audience

Binqy: For Everyone in Your Workplace


Binqy empowers individuals with all the resources they need to effectively master their stress, boost performance and prevent burnout.

Teams & Team leaders

Binqy provides teams and their leaders with actionable and data-driven insights to boost wellbeing and elevate team performance.

HR & Organizations

Binqy supports HR-departments and organizations with aggregated insights and tailored solutions to improve overall well-being, reducing costs and driving productivity.

Partnered Universities

Built using experience from

Ku Leaven
Utrecht University
VU Amsterdam
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Univesiteit Leiden


Don't just take our word for it

Our company has been using Binqy for several months, and I must confess that I was skeptical at first. But I have been pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic response from our employees. Binqy is easy to use, and the dashboard provides highly valuable insights into the well-being of our teams.

Amanda Lock
Finance & HR Director

The strength of Binqy lies in the ease of use and the low threshold of short measurements, combined with a solid scientific foundation. The regular brief measurements provide a reliable picture of mental well-being over time and thus provide insight into the task demands and resources present within an organization.

Monique Pluijmers
People & Culture Business Partner

Working with Binqy was very pleasant in that it felt like they completely took over monitoring mental health for us.

Erik van der Horst
HR- and International manager
Uni partners

It is a great learning experience to work with Binqy. Binqy enables us to draw attention to mental health within the team in a safe and helpful way. The anonymity of the process and insights allows for a more balanced and healthy work environment.

Laura Di Santolo
Managing director
Forward inc

Input for improvement opportunities and the results provide space for good conversations about experienced workload. Moreover, by further strengthening the resources already present in the organization, you can work at the organizational level in a 'talent-oriented' way to preventively reduce burnout symptoms. Binqy not only provides individual colleagues with a tool to monitor their own workload, but also offers organizations an effective and well-founded management tool for discussing and increasing mental resilience.

Monique Pluijmers
People & Culture Business Partner

We support Binqy's mission to combat burnout and believe this tool has made a positive difference in our approach to employee health and well-being.

Amanda Lock
Finance & HR Director

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