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Our story

The root of our journey

Binqy originates from a personal experience. A dear friend of ours got into a burnout. After not finding the right help, depression followed. This resulted in isolation, which made the situation even worse. To our great sorrow, she is currently no longer among us.

After this experience, we realized that our friend was and is not the only one experiencing these struggles. It is a common and recurring problem in our society. All over the world, millions of people suffer from excessive levels of stress, burnout symptoms and anxiety complaints on a daily basis. In order to help these people, we made it our life's mission to tackle burnout (symptoms) at an early stage and help people all over the world prevent it.

Binqy founders

We started talking to dozens of experts, reading books and literature, and interviewing experts by experience. To be able to address this large-scale problem, we strongly believed that science had to be the foundation of our solution. After researching and validating with our partner Wilmar Schaufeli, we eventually were able to develop the Binqy Method.

Now, a couple of years in, with more and more people joining our mission, we are happy that we’ve already been able to help so many people and organizations foster a healthy culture where employees can optimally thrive. The positive responses and valuable feedback that we regularly receive contribute to the continuous improvement of our solution. This brings us gradually closer to a world without burnout.

Our mission & Vision

Driving our progress

Our vision

We are striving for a world where burnout doesn't exist anymore.

Our mission

Prevent 1 million burnouts by 2030.

Our Vision

We are striving for a world where burnout does'nt exist anymore.

Our Mission

Prevent 1 million burnouts by 2030.

At Binqy, these are not just lofty ambitions but our unwavering mission and vision. Our determination to prevent 1 million burnouts by 2030 propels us forward each day. Our dream is to create a world where burnouts are a thing of the past - a world where well-being and productivity harmoniously coexist.

Our Team

Meet the burnout battlers

Guiding the ship with unwavering vision. Our CEO is happy with his strong team, even happier with his coffee machine. Although his good mood doesn't rely on a caffeine boost!
Jelle Houben
Co-Founder & CEO
Building bridges between vision and reality. When our COO is not crushing targets, he is smashing padel serves!
Joris Krijger
Co-Founder & COO
Precision in code, a maestro of logic, and the ultimate football fan – our CTO. He tackles bugs, opponents, and morning alarms with unparalleled attention to detail.
Thomas Nieuwenhuis
Co-Founder & CTO
Meet our Well-being Wonder and Office Sherlock: When not untangling minds and workplace mysteries, she’s busy exploring fresh creative frontiers. She’s our Jill of all trades!
Kim Erich
Well-being lead & Psychologist
Our Frontend Picasso is turning caffeine into code and pixels into pure design gold, all while adding laughter and fun to create a workplace atmosphere that’s as vibrant as the designs he implements!
Stefan van Deventer
Front-end Developer
Meet Han Ossef, our UX-UI design magician! Han turns pixels into pure magic, crafting designs that make work-life balance feel like a walk in the park.
Han Ossef
CDO & UX/UI Designer
Meet Storm Gervais, our Wellbeing Partnership Manager, the guy who brings the sunshine to well-being solutions and takes care of everyone in need like a true binqy superhero, all while wearing the biggest grin in the office or at the customer!
Storm Gervais
Wellbeing Partnership Manager
Meet Rohan, our marketing maestro at Binqy! Creative, kind, and determined to make Binqy unforgettable. Rohan's mission? To make sure the world not only knows Binqy but remembers it like a catchy tune.
Rohan Sharma
Marketing Intern
Introducing the one and only Menno Schroder, our strategic virtuoso and dot-connector extraordinaire! When it comes to setting unbeatable strategies, he's the mastermind you'd want on your dream team.
Menno Schroder
Investor & Advisor
Ladies and gents, meet Pieter Verbruggen, our investor and master of networking. He's so good at sales, he could sell ice to penguins, and his contacts list is the stuff of dreams!
Pieter Verbruggen
Investor & Advisor
Introducing Victor, our UX Designer: a visionary who seamlessly weaves intuition into pixels, crafting designs as stunning as they are user-centric. His work sets the gold standard for elegance amidst complexity.
Victor Vernilli
UX/UI Designer
Not only does he have a knack for sales, but he's also on a mission to become a real-life doctor, he's the man who'll prescribe well-being solutions with a side of business charm, and he might just cure your workplace woes with his dual talents.
Job-Joris Meijer
Wellbeing Partnership Manager

Our partners & Advisors

Extra brains & expertise

Prof. Dr. Wilmar Schaufeli
Professor work and organizational psychology
Annelies den Boer
CEO Brout
Olivier Muller
CEO Returnista
Drs. Madelon Otto
Organizational consultant & executive psychologist
Drs. Elco Schaufeli
Organizational consultant
Niels Snoep
Corporate Innovation Rabobank

Partnered Universities

Built using experience from

Ku Leaven
Utrecht University
VU Amsterdam
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Univesiteit Leiden

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